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Ma trousse à outils

source : camera Panasonic Z10000 - 3D AVCHD
post-prod : DaVinci Resolve studio 18

  • démultiplexer (Restituer les signaux originaux à partir d'un signal composite obtenu par multiplexage) les fichiers MTS pour obtenir 2 fichiers L et R avec [app] StereoMovie Maker FF et Player FF

Les pistes audio sont distribuées ainsi : fichier L = 5.1, fichier R=  2.0

  • extraire les fichiers audio  au format FLAC avec FREE:AC pour une utilisation avec resolve

Les 3 fichiers peuvent être importés dans un projet Resolve pour un montage 3D Stereo

It has been tested on Windows10/11 and some Mac OS versions
Most of the video files that can be read are video formats supported by "FFMpeg", so most video files can be read.
Also, 3D AVI files shot with Fujifilm 3D cameras can be imported with left-right separation, and a batch file to separate 3D AVHCD used for Sony and Panasonic 3D videos is included.
For editing, the automatic left-right adjustment (popular in StereoPhoto Maker(SPM)) is now supported for video. 
Unlike StereoPhoto Maker, the new version uses OpenCV for automatic adjustment, which is faster than StereoPhoto Maker. 
Of course, manual vertical and horizontal position adjustment is also available.
SMM-FF has been created because most video-editors cannot edit 3D movies.
This includes automatic left/right adjustment,insertion of text or a logo at any depth and VR180-editing features.
It is one of the few (only ?) video-editing programs that can create Top/Bottom (T/B) half-height movies.
The clips created by SMM-FF can then be included on the timeline of regular editors.
The SMM-FF folder and included files can be located on your PC wherever you wish including the special 'C:\Program Files' and you could add a shortcut to it from Windows 'Start'.
If you wish, your source-images folder filename can include spaces. 

OsmAnd (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) est une application de cartographie et de navigation se basant sur les données mondiales d’OpenStreetMap (OSM)10.

Toutes les données de cartographie peuvent être stockées sur la mémoire de l’appareil pour pouvoir utiliser l’application sans connexion. OsmAnd permet le routage et la navigation en utilisant le GPS de l’appareil pour un usage en voiture, à pied ou à vélo. Les fonctionnalités principales sont accessibles avec ou sans connexion Internet.

Thunderbird le logiciel de courrier électronique de la fondation Mozilla + l'extension Mail Merge permet de creer un courriel personnalisable et de réaliser un envoi en nombre ( à partir du carmet d'adresse ou d'un fichier .csv )

Go to the media global configuration (System -> Global Configuration -> Media).

  • Add svg,SVG to the list of global extensions (file types),
  • Add svg as legal image extension,
  • Add image/svg+xml,application/svg+xml as legal MIME types.

    From that point on, you will be able to see SVG files in the media manager (but you won’t have any preview for the file).

      ip You should keep your SVG files under a specific folder assigned for them.
    In that folder, add a dummy raster file (any PNG or JPG file will do). The dummy file will help you later on when inserting a SVG file into an article - for instance - (when you open the media manager from the default editor, the SVG files are not visible).
    By selecting the dummy file, you will get the proper markup you need.
    The last step will be then to swap the dummy file name with the name of the SVG file you intended to use.  


In TinyMCE, the default editor, you can add ‘svg’ as extended valid element (to trusted user groups).

Go to Extensions -> Plugins -> Editors type.  
Joomla 4 is a little bit more aware of the SVG file format (once you have made the proper additions to the media global settings to support it, like in Joomla 3). The CMS takes a few steps in the right direction, but is still shy of a few features: there is still no preview in the media manager (as of today – beta 4) and it does not appear that uploaded files are sanitized: basically, you are fully responsible for any SVG you upload.
However, you can easily select the SVG files wherever the media manager is used for image insertion.